Photo credit Malcolm Cochrane Photography©

Bought objects at the Voidoid Archive, Glasgow
Part of the Very Friendly programme curated by withfc
11th - 14th August 2016

Bought objects is an exhibition which explores the role of found objects in a contemporary artistic practice. Catagorising them specifically as bought objects, essentially that a bought

object is one an artist seeks out consciously for some artistic purpose.

Each of the artists was asked to purchase specifically for this exhibition (not pre-owned), one object only, and present it unedited and unaltered.

Total Cost of all Objects: £510.70
Lowest Price: £0.10
Highest Price: £90.00

Charlie Davenport - Coco Pops
Eva Daerden - White Bracket
Madeleine Hope-Fraser - Pandrol Rail Clip
Jessie Holmes - Colour Drip Candles
Paul McKee - Cheerios
Kirsty Mellon - Doorknob
Lewis Prosser - Scratchcard 
Aniela Piasecka - Fortune Cookie
Hamish Chapman - Tower Bridge Puzzle
Lily Ackroyd-Willoughby - Air Freshener
Edd Arnold - Tanning Lotion
Scott Caruth - Mansize Mag
Megan Leal Causton - Manet Print
Patrick Church Rolex Watch
Nathan Cook - Fake Poo
Benjie Cluness - Cassette Tape
Joanne Dawson - Pink Bow
Liam Fallon - Muscle Man
Freya Fullarton - Crystal Cat Collar
Georgia Gendall - Guinea Pig
Michael Georgiev - Shock Absorber
Winnie Herbstein - Drill Ad
Eleanor Herrmannsen - Sushi Grass
Ewan McCaffrey - Ikea Bag
McGilvary/White - Magnum Rosé Wine
Jack Marder - Shiny Snorlax
Tessa Maudlin - Paint Tin
Yolanda McKean - Pen Knife
Kate Morgan - Partition Wall
Lucian Moriyama - The Difficulty of Being
Jordan Munro - Palette Pin
Jennifer Pavlick - Egg Box
Milly Peck - Fake Brick 
Paloma Proudfoot - Horse Mask
Kathleen Reilly - Drink Measure
Andrew Sim - Celtic Queen
Dave Stobart - Velvet Shoes
Rosie Vohra - Chinese Paper Funeral Outfit
Sid & Jim Fire Exit Sign
Ella Walker - Yellow Sponge
Jacob Watmore - Fragrance Set
Felix Welch - Eames Chair 
Jessie Whiteley - Secondhand Dried Shrimp
Hannah Rose Wilson - Blue Bucket 
Vanessa Lim Shu Yi - Pink Noodle
Gary Zhang - Fake Book

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